Parkdale Eviction Resistance Network

Neighbours helping neighbours to stop evictions and keep Parkdale affordable

Parkdale Eviction Resistance Network


Parkdale Eviction Resistance Network (PERN) are your neighbours and we are here to help stop illegal evictions in Parkdale. We are not lawyers and can’t offer legal advice, but can support one another to stay in our homes and protect our communities.

PERN is made up of members of Parkdale’s many communities who will collectively, peacefully and swiftly intervene in cases of landlord intimidation and attempts to force people from the places they live.

We know that every eviction stopped is both a roof still over a head and a Parkdale home that is still affordable. We want to complement the other local groups, campaigns and services that are working towards these goals, by preventing illegal or unlawful eviction attempts when they are attempted. The core of PERN’s work is the simple act of neighbours peacefully and quickly responding to call-outs from other neighbours, and standing firmly at their doors to keep them from being forced out of their homes during moments of crisis. We believe this is a critical stop-gap measure that can prevent homelessness and displacement, as well as growing unaffordability in Parkdale.

Join the Network!


PERN needs all of us to make a difference. The more Parkdale folks who are signed-up to the network, the more successful we can be in mobilizing to stop evictions. You can join PERN by sending us your contact details below and you will be added to the text or email call-out list. (Urgent call-outs may only go out by text message, so please add your cell phone if you have one).


If you live in Parkdale and are facing intimidation or possible eviction by your landlord, get in touch right away.

We are not lawyers, we are not social workers, but we are your neighbours and there are many of us!

Phone: (437) 776-0985